We offer a variety of services, including but not necessarily limited to the following:

Federal Income Tax Preparation:

Your tax returns are the most important financial documents you will prepare each year. This is true whether you are an individual or any type of business entity such as Corporation, Sole Proprietor or Partnership. A tax return should be completed to maximize tax benefits. These vital records must also be available to offer as proof of income when applying for credit. It behooves you to have your tax returns completed by a professional. The staff at Integrity Bookkeeping are the experts you need to do this.

Account Reconciliation:

Ensuring your accounts are current and up to date is a significant part of your financial picture. From basic personal checking accounts to large corporate accounts, one missing transaction can wreak havoc. Integrity Bookkeeping will keep your accounts in perfect order. You can schedule monthly, quarterly or semiannual reconciliations; monthly is recommended. Knowing your account balance is accurate to the penny- that’s priceless.


Integrity Bookkeeping will manage all your financial records. Keeping control of your income and expenses is a basic step in responsible money management. Often businesses have multiple employees issuing checks or using company credit cards. Having a second set of eyes overseeing these transactions will ensure all transactions are authorized and processed in accordance with your company’s guidelines. Whether human error or serious transgressions, count on Integrity Bookkeeping to maintain your books in perfect order.

Quarterly Payroll Reports including State and Federal:

Payroll taxes are one of the most exasperating tasks a business owner has. It is costly, paper intensive and can use up hours of your precious time. It goes without saying that accuracy is of the utmost importance. Payroll services are expensive and often require contracts or an escrow deposit to cover paychecks. Integrity Bookkeeping can save your company money over a payroll service. You can continue to issue your own payroll checks and have Integrity Bookkeeping handle the reporting aspects of payroll for both state and federal taxes.

Annual W2s and 1099s:

Integrity Bookkeeping will process your end of year W2s and 1099s. Your employees and independent contractors rely on you for accurate income reporting. You will have their confidence in your financial responsibility when they receive their professionally prepared statements.

General Ledger and Financial Statement Preparation:

A well prepared financial statement is an essential tool for a business seeking credit. Like most people, you probably think of this as monotonous and like to put if off. Having up to date General Ledgers is essential. The General Ledger drives the Financial Statement. Financial statements are the chief drivers of your tax returns. Recording transactions and compiling of information and supporting documentation should be part of your daily routine – not a last minute rush to get everything together. You will free up yourself and staff to grow your business when you have Integrity Bookkeeping carry out these important duties for you.

Bill Payments:

Paying bills is another one of those tedious chores that you may be tempted to put off until tomorrow. Don’t put them off at all! Let Integrity Bookkeepers handle this important monthly task. Timely bill paying will improve your credit rating. The higher your credit rating, the lower the interest rates you will be charged on loans and credit cards. The service can pay for itself in finance charge savings.

Texas Franchise Preparation:

If your business is registered or organized in Texas, you may be required to comply with the Texas Franchise tax. If your business was registered outside of Texas, but you transact business here, you too may be subject to this act. Depending on your business entity, you may be exempt from the filing. The staff of Integrity Bookkeeping are experts in determining your potential liability.

Harris County Property Tax Renditions:

Integrity Bookkeeping has the expertise needed to file your Harris County property tax rendition. This can be a confusing tax to calculate. Both businesses and individuals are subject to this tax. Knowing what personal to include, what can be legally excluded to reduce your taxes is best left to the experts.

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